Friday, 26 July 2013

A handy hide and un-hide dynamic script for Maya..

Ever wanted to take the fiddly selection sets and isolate selection display options and merge them?

Quickly create/add/remove a button for toggling the display of any item to your hearts content.
All you need is 5 minutes.

Add the script as a python script in Maya, copy and paste the contents of the pastebin link below.
When you load the script for the first time it will create a node in the scene, you can copy this into other scenes so the selection sets are portable.

Step.1) Start by hitting setup bottom left.

Step.2) You will be granted with a new window where you can quickly add,select,remove to your hearts content, once your happy pop a name in the text field and hit save as (yellow button) then hit close.
If you ever need to edit a set/button its just hit the edit.

Step.3) Click the button that will of been made.
The toggle button bottom right turns off or on the isolate display state.

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