Friday, 25 January 2013

A new tool! For script hoarding loading from dropbox..

If like me your always shuffling scripts/tools about with a million shelves and shelf buttons Ive a handy script!

Ive made a Python script that will read any directory you point it at (I have it pointed to my google/dropbox drive) and it will automatically create a window of all those scripts as buttons, better yet if there in folders inside that directory it will group them together in a collapsible tab...

Works with Mel and Python scripts!

Pictures always explain things better..
On the Left is my google drive directory..
The middle and right is what you get with my script.

Copy the Python code into a shelf button..
Then edit this line at the very top of the file:

To point to your own scripts folder ideally outside of maya eg Google or Dropbox..

Code can be found here:

Works perfectly in Maya2011, all the best.